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My Stuff
Pictures and Graphics

Smiley Pages
Pages and pages of emoticons I've collected from the 'Net, and a few that I've created or made changes to myself.

Sky and Space Photos
Pictures of clouds, the Moon, sunsets, etc that I've taken.

Special Text Effect Generator
Makes text into different color patterns. Outputs either HTML or BBcode.


My Playlists
Some of my favorite toonz categorized for my (and your) enjoyment.

Music I've composed and recorded myself.


A feature-rich 3D planetarium/space simulator.

A complete free forum software package.

Mandelbrot Explorer
Left-click to zoom in; right-click to zoom out; middle-click to pan.

Refrigerator Magnets
Want to make your own anagrams, or just play with magnets? Do I ever have the app for you!

Color Picker
Just a simple color picker. uses the standard Windows dialog.

My Message Board

pjeoq a6essaw
A fun place to shoot the bull, play games, and share interesting web sites.

The Upside Down Story
Written by members of my message board, a few words at a time.


Gothic Lessons and Lexica
I love the name of the language!

My Delicious Bookmarks
Various other liks I've collected from around the 'net.... you name it, it's probably in there somewhere.

Other People's Stuff

Bad Astronomy
Explaining away common misconceptions about astronomy and spaceflight.

Universe Today
News and discoveries about what's going on in this wonderful universe of ours.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day
Magnificent pictures of space, spacecraft, natural phenomena.

Web Comics

Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break


Hello Cthulhu

Kiwis By Beat


Questionable Content

Two Lumps


Miscellaneous Fun Stuff Online

Anonymous Message Server
No telling what you're going to get or who will receive your contribution.

Dollar Bill Shirt
How to make a shirt out of a dollar bill.

Dumb Laws
What were they thinking when they came up with (some of) these? (A few actually do make sense.)

Internet Anagram Server
Pleased to meet you, I'm Jiggle A Noun.

Formerly known as Melody Hound.

Portrait Illustration Maker
Creates custom avatars by offering you image elements to pick and choose from. Here's mine.

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