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When you register, you must supply a valid email address, which will be verified by either the board or the administrator sending you a link to click on to activate your account. Only after your account has been activated will you be able to post. Also, if the administrator has set a minimum age to join, and you are found to not meet the minimum age criterion, your account will be deleted.

You are allowed only one account. Sock puppets will be banned without warning, as will (possibly) the member's primary account. Note that the administrator may need to use sock puppets from time to time to test board functionality, but never for any other purpose and they will be clearly marked.


Members retain copyright of any and all original material they post. By posting here, you grant the owner of this board the non-exclusive right to display your post on the board indefinitely, and to make an unlimited number of backup copies which will be used for archiving purposes only. Other members quoting your post is considered Fair Use, as long as they quote only the part that is relevant to the reply. Do not post copyrighted material without the copyright owner's consent except as allowed by Fair Use.

Please be aware that if you post personally identifiable information, it will be available to anyone who has access to the forum said post is contained in. The contents of public fora are accessible to anyone and everyone worldwide. Don't repost any information which is disclosed in the private fora (if the board has private fora) nor information from any member's profile, without the other person's express permission.


Do not post any form of hate speech, threats, X-rated material; any material that you know to be false or defamatory, or any material that could result in legal action against this board or its administration. Do not impersonate another individual or otherwise misrepresent your identity, nor harass or verbally attack any member of this board, nor attempt to hack this board or the server it resides upon, nor attempt to circumvent any of this board's security features.

Do not post any form of spam without first obtaining permission from the site admin, including but not limited to advertisements or identical posts/threads in multiple fora. If the same thread be posted in multiple fora, expect all of them or all but one to be locked, according to its content and which forum the thread is best suited to.

The administration of this board speaks English. In order that we may properly administer and moderate the board for content, all posts must be in a language and a format that we understand. Do not make a habit of posting material which the average English speaking person cannot reasonably be expected to understand.

While thread hijacks are sometimes inevitable, let's try to keep threads on topic. This board software features a Quote New button, which, when clicked, will offer you a chance to post a new thread in response to an existing post. This is good for those times when another member mentions something and you would really like to contribute.

The board administrator and moderator(s) reserve the right to evaluate the severity of each individual offense on a case by case basis, and to suspend or ban any member who has committed a severe enough offense or has been problematic. The administrator may also add to or modify these rules at any time. If you feel that a rule is unjust or could lead to problems, feel free to share your concerns; feedback and constructive criticism are welcome.

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