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Alan Greenspan and Madonna
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asking for trouble, because everyone knows that mimes are used as

Resistance ain't no good. Y'all's gonna be assimilated.--The Good Ol' Borg

I'm never so happy as when I'm covered in bird poop, cat hair, dog slobber and garden dirt.
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distractions in master spy plots, but in this case

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they were just there to annoy the crowd at Spago's, where Alan Greenspan was spotted talking to Madonna.

well, we exhausted the heck out of that sentance.  Here's the whole thing:

Alan Greenspan and Madonna were spotted at Spago's where they were both sloshed on dirty martinis and engaged in passionate debate about luncheon meats, when suddenly Sol, the local deli owner, overhearing Madonna say that olive loaf is the best luncheon meat of all time began toscream and shout that pastrami was far the better mean, and then Alan Greenspan exclaimed, "Why Sir! How dare you dispute fair Madonna's word!" and began to throw breadsticks at the other patrons which caused the bartender to break out into a medley of showtunes which caused Madonna to begin shrieking about the Kaballah and her boobs, which made Alan Greenspan and the deli owner grab Madonna and gag her with a kosher salami that was hanging in the window where he displayed his signed autograph picture of Julie Newmar until the day some beefcake in drag and his friends swiped it, so the deli owner called Ghostbusters, accidentally, when he actually meant to call Toastbusters, which was his bread and pastry supplier the owner of which just happened to be close friends with Madonna and might be able to do something about her desire to cut the crusts of everyone's toast which frequently causes straight haired little girls who want curly hair to whine at their mothers while tapdancing a Shirley Temple routine to the tune of Frank Zappa's Dancing Fool, which everyone knows was written in honor of Mikhail Barishnikov, who was the first man to ever defect from Soviet Russia while also seducing underaged psuedo-actresses who were convinced they could dance, until Alan Greenspan threatened to lower their interest rates unless they let him 'play', too, which totally grossed out the underaged psuedo-actresses who were convinced they could dance because he was, like, y'know, old, and Mikhail met Madonna while they were both milking the media for all it was worth, and appearing on several uptown discotheques dressed as mimes and drinking dirty martinis and engaging in passionate argument over whether the Kabbalah was math, or just numerology, which caused Greenspan to giggle uncontrolably, wet his pants and then accuse Madonna of pouring water on him, which wasn't true, because she had been away from the table, and in her stead was a double of exceptional IQ who fooled no one except for the Cher imperonator in the corner, who knew Madonna's IQ wasn't as high as it seemed, because here was this Madonna double, conversing with Alan Greenspan, of all people, but apparently could only talk intelligently about how much olive juice to pour in a dirty martini which caused a rift in the space-time continuum, since everyone knows that discussing how to make a dirty martini while dressed as a mime in a discoteque the day before a full moon is asking for trouble, because everyone knows that mimes are used as distractions in master spy plots, but in this case they were just there to annoy the crowd at Spago's, where Alan Greenspan was spotted talking to Madonna.

Maybe we should change the names from famous to non-discript and submit it to the Bulwar Lyntton contest...  Laughing 

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Impressive! Just for the heck of it, I'll start a new one, using umoper names.

KOS and Rosie decided one day that they would have a contest to determine which one of them...
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would get the honor of escorting swampbear to

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ta's ballet school recital when suddenly a big gust of...
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have we forgotten this thread so soon?????? Tapping foot
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well, no one other than you and me* are interested in it - I was waiting to see if anyone else (particularly KOS) wanted to play

*yes, that is grammatically correct

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