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New Movie Game
"What if (director) directed (movie not directed by him/her)? The major difference would be (fill in the blank)"Show most recent post first
If Rob Reiner had directed Star Wars:

"Hello. My name is Luke Skywalker. You *are* my father. Prepare to die."

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If Ingmar Bergman had directed Reservoir Dogs there would be less gunfire and more chess.

A classy first post, but it's downhill from here.  By post 10 it will just be profanity and knob jokes . . .
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considering I started the thread a month ago, that there's a response at all amazes me

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Actually I only joined because I like the sound of this game.   I get to refer to obscure films I like.

If Paul Weitz directed the remake of "Ice cold in Alex" it would be advertised as:

Hot nurses, cold beer and the ultimate road movie!
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I don't care why you joined, I'm just happy to see you. Smile 

Resistance ain't no good. Y'all's gonna be assimilated.--The Good Ol' Borg

I'm never so happy as when I'm covered in bird poop, cat hair, dog slobber and garden dirt.
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