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How about some Mad Libs?
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I need:

a country

an adjective

a verb ending in "-ing"

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thank you. Now I need

a different verb ending in "-ing"

a number

a plural noun

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fornicating   Evil grin


With glamour girls/You'll never click/Bewhiskered like/a Bolshevik/ Burma-Shave
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singular noun


plural noun

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cat fall geese

Resistance ain't no good. Y'all's gonna be assimilated.--The Good Ol' Borg

I'm never so happy as when I'm covered in bird poop, cat hair, dog slobber and garden dirt.
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another plural noun
an adjective
a present tense verb

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plural noun


plural noun

verb ending in -ing

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With glamour girls/You'll never click/Bewhiskered like/a Bolshevik/ Burma-Shave
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Adventures Abroad

One of the most interesting places in the world to visit is Uzbekistan. This place has everything! There are Pernicious mountains for Spritzing, and lakes that are perfect for fornicating.

Just 24 years ago, apples were discovered in Uzbekistan. Since then, people have been traveling from all over the world to see them. And no trip to Uzbekistan would be complete without a daytrip to see the great cat in the country's largest forest.

The best time to travel to Uzbekistan is fall. At this time of the year, many people have seen geese and farthings in the countryside. The weather is usually decrepit, so it is the perfect time to impugned. Just remember to pack eggs. You wouldn't want to be high in the mountains without them!

The people of Uzbekistan are very burning and enjoy showing tourists their local brownies. Remember to bring your eggs, and you'll have a great time in Uzbekistan. You might even bring the local tradition of bowling back home with you!

@->     =^.^=
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