My Hotlinking and Copying Policy

Currently, I have hotlinking enabled for any message board, so feel free to use these smileys in your posts. At the moment, it's not costing me anything extra (I will update this page if it ever comes close).

Disclaimer: not all of the smileys on these pages were made by me. Some of those that were are based on preexisting smileys. If you see a smiley on my site that you believe does not belong here, let me know. Smileys which I had a hand in creating or putting into their present form include but are not necessarily limited to the following:


If you wish to use any of the above smileys on your own website, please ask me first. An exception being if your site exists specifically to benefit the LGBTA community (or any subset thereof), you are free to copy and use my original LGBT smileys (namely the rainbow flag, bisexual flag, double Mars, double Venus, and trans (Venus+Mars) smileys) without limitation. If you wish to use the rainbow faced smiley, ask me and I will contact its creator.

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